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Beegoz Terms of Use

pdf version

§ 1

Preliminary provisions

  1. These Terms of Use (“Terms”) specify the rules for the use of the Beegoz Internet Platform (“Beegoz”) which is available at the Internet address beegoz.pl and related domains, such as -.com, -.com.pl - co.uk - .tv and others.
  2. A downloadable version of these Terms is available at http://beegoz.pl/regulamin
  3. Beegoz uses information from cookie files. The rules of use of "cookies" by the Administrator are set out in the Privacy Policy section available at http://beegoz.pl/politykaprywatnosci
  4. In order to use Beegoz each Registered User must first affirm having read and accepted the Terms.


§ 2


  1. ADMINISTRATOR - an entity managing and running BEEGOZ, which is Didiloo LLC, based in Wyoming USA, at 1903 RAYOR AVE, CHEYENNE, WY82001.
  2. BEEGOZ – an internet platform which allows transmission of live video (streaming) to multiple recipients, enables chat between Broadcasters and Viewers and makes possible mutual transfer of Talents among Users.
  3. TALENT - a tool for showing mutual appreciation of broadcast content. The minimum value of Talents in PLN is defined in § 5(4) herein.
  4. USER - each person accessing Beegoz through the website or mobile application.
  5. REGISTRATION - a procedure in which User selects a Username, provides an email address and sets his or her own Password.
  6. USERNAME - the unique name of the Registered User of BEEGOZ.
  7. REGISTERED USER - each User of BEEGOZ, who provided a Username, an email address and a password through the Registration procedure and who has agreed to these Terms.
  8. PASSWORD - any string of characters in the form of letters, numbers or other, provided by the User during the Registration process.
  9. BROADCAST - a process of transmitting video images recorded on a camera connected to or built into a device or the view of the screen of a device in the live mode to multiple Viewers.
  10. BROADCASTER - each Registered User of Beegoz who uses its Live Broadcast function.
  11. VIEWER - each User of Beegoz, Registered or Unregistered, not using the Live Broadcast function at the given moment.
  12. CHAT - a tool for the exchange of text messages between the Broadcaster and Viewers watching the Broadcaster’s live broadcast.
  13. TOP- UP – a transaction of purchase of Talents through the DotPay payment system.
  14. PAYOUT - a transaction ordered by the User of exchange of Talents for PLN by means of transfer to a bank account specified by the User. The minimum amount and maximum frequency of the payments are specified in § 5(5) of these Terms.
  15. MOBILE APPLICATION - software allowing the use of Beegoz on mobile devices such as tablets, Smartphones, TVs and similar devices with Android, iOS, Windows or other operating systems.
  16. PROFILE – The Registered User's individual account where the User puts any information or photographs of content in accordance with these Terms.
  17. PRIVACY POLICY - a document setting out the rules for the collection, storage, processing and use of the Users’ personal data. The Privacy Policy document is available in savable format at http://beegoz.pl/polityka-prywatnosci.


§ 3

Registration and Profile

  1. Registration at Beegoz is voluntary and free of charge.
  2. Registration is necessary in order to set up a Profile and use certain functionalities, particularly the Broadcasting function, creating a Profile, Top-up of an Account, and Payout of Talents.
  3. Services relating to the Registration and use of the Account are provided by the Administrator of Beegoz in accordance with binding Terms.
  4. Registration of the Account and the use of Beegoz are possible only after explicit approval of the Terms, of which the User is informed in accordance with applicable law.
  5. The use of Beegoz is subject to the rules specified in these Terms.
  6. Registration at Beegoz involves providing a Username, an email address and a password set by User, accepting the Terms and activation by clicking a link sent to the User by Administrator in an email.
  7. Providing personal information during the Registration procedure is voluntary, but in order to set up an Account it is required to provide a Username, an email address and to select a Login and a Password.
  8. The User may lose the ability to use a chosen User Name provided in the Registration Form, in case of failure to activate the Account within 72 hours of receipt of an email with an activation link.
  9. As a result of successful Registration, the User sets up a Profile and obtains the status of a Registered User.
  10. The Registered User can have only one Profile assigned to a given email address.
  11. The Registered User should protect his or her password and not share it with other Users or any third parties.
  12. The Registered User may terminate his or her Profile at any time using the Delete Profile option in Profile Settings.
  13. Deleting a Profile limits the access to some features of Beegoz related to Broadcasting, participating in Chat, creating a Profile, Top-up of an account, Payout of Talents. Deleting a Profile does not block the possibility of Watching other Broadcasts.
  14. Deleting a Profile containing accumulated Talents causes them to be lost unless the User had arranged for Payout of all Talents beforehand.


§ 4

Violation of the Terms by the User

  1. The Registered User shall be able to use Beegoz freely and without restrictions as long as he/she observes these Terms.
  2. The Registered User may not transmit any content to which he/she does not hold rights, including copyright, in particular any content breaking the law or violating the Terms.
  3. The Registered User may not relay films made by third parties.
  4. The Registered User may not show third parties without their consent.
  5. The Registered User may not offend other Users.
  6. The Registered User declares that he/she is not under 18 years of age.
  7. The Registered User is not allowed to conduct any form of advertising on Beegoz Platform. However, the registered User may reward Viewers in the form of small symbolic rewords of small value. The way in which such rewards are to be exchanged is agreed between the Users.
  8. The User declares that he/she realizes that video Broadcasts presented on Beegoz by other Users are not moderated. Despite relevant provisions of the Terms it may happen that they will be vulgar, contain erotic content, pornography and content generally regarded as offensive.
  9. Each User who has noticed any content that violates these Terms should immediately report objectionable content by using the Report Abuse button located in the Broadcast area.
  10. The Registered User acknowledges that it is not allowed to Broadcast pornography, advertising, or content promoting violence, terrorism, racism, violating the law, morals, personal dignity, religious feelings, copyright, privacy of third parties.
  11. Each Registered User who violates the provisions of these Terms may face the following consequences imposed by the Administrator:
    1. a warning about the violation of the Terms,
    2. blocking of Broadcast,
    3. removing of the Profile,
    4. blocking of Talents,
    5. complete loss of Talents,
    6. notification of relevant law enforcement agencies about the User’s criminal activity.
  12. Recording the Broadcasts of other Registered Users, their duplication or any form of distribution is prohibited and will be treated as a breach of the Terms.
  13. If the Registered User violates the Terms in a way that causes hindrance to the functioning of Beegoz, the Administrator shall claim redress from such User in court.
  14. Each Registered User may seek the withdrawal of sanctions imposed, including the restoration of his/her Profile, as long as he/she proves that he has not violated the provisions of the Terms.
  15. A Profile may also by removed in the following cases:
    1. If the Registered User has not logged in to the Service for a period of 12 months from the last login,
    2. If the Registered User does not accept changes to the Terms made by the Administrator,
    3. If the Registered User has taken actions to the detriment of Beegoz or the Administrator.


§ 5


  1. Transactions between Users registered on Beegoz are made with the use of Talents.
  2. Each Registered User may collect Talents on his individual Account and exchange them for PLN according to the rules specified in these Terms.
  3. Talents can be collected in the following ways:
    1. transfer from other Registered Users of a certain, voluntary amount of Talents during a Broadcast,
    2. transfer from other Registered Users of a specified amount of Talents, determined as the entry fee for the possibility to watch the Broadcast,
    3. top-up of the User’s own Talents by making a bank transfer to an indicated Account through DotPay.
  4. The Value of Talents is defined as follows:
    1. the Top-up value of 1 Talent equals PLN 0.5,
    2. the Payout value of 1Talent equals to no less than PLN 0.25.
  5. The rules of exchange of Talents:
    1. exchange can be made after accumulating at least 100 Talents,
    2. the first exchange can be made no sooner than after 7 full days from the time of Registration,
    3. exchange can be made at intervals of no less than 7 days,
    4. exchange is made by using the Payout command and indicating the number of bank account to which the funds of value specified in the Terms should be transferred,
    5. the exchange is commenced no later than on the next working day of its order,
    6. money transfers on account of Payout of funds shall be made exclusively to bank accounts located in Polish branches of banks and held in PLN.
  6. Suspicious transactions of exchange of Talents (especially those which may constitute fraud against the owner of BEEGOZ, money laundering, financing terrorism, etc.) may result in suspension of payments, blocking of the User’s Account and the notification of law enforcement authorities.


§ 6

Technical requirements

  1. Meeting the technical requirements for the use of Beegoz is important for its proper functioning, as well as for the safety of Data stored on User’s Account in the Service.
  2. Access to and use of Beegoz is possible for the User who uses a computer or mobile device with internet access with bandwidth of at least 512 kilobits / sec.
  3. The computer should have one of the following browsers installed with enabled "cookies", JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later versions;
    • Mozilla Firefox 17.0 or later versions;
    • Opera 20 or later versions;
    • Google Chrome 30 or later versions;
    • Apple Safari 5.1 or later versions;
  4. Access to and use of Beegoz is also possible for Users through the Mobile Application on devices equipped with one of the following operating systems:
    • Android 4.3 or later versions;
    • iOS 8 or later versions;
  5. with the Mobile Application installed.


§ 7

Term and amendments to the Terms

  1. These Terms shall become effective on 25 November 2015.
  2. Registered Users shall be informed by email about any amendments to the Terms and when they become effective.
  3. A Registered User who does not accept proposed amendments to the Terms shall lose the ability to make full use of Beegoz and some of its functionalities (in particular in relation to Broadcasting, the use of Chat, creating a Profile, Top-up of an account, Payout Talents).
  4. Any amendments to these Terms shall become effective at the moment of their publication on Beegoz website.


§ 8

Final Provisions

  1. Each User hereby waives the right to claim compensation in any form from the company that owns Beegoz and its affiliates.
  2. The owner of Beegoz and its affiliates shall not be a party to any dispute between Users, in particular concerning the mutual transfer of Talents.
  3. The organizing by Users of games of chance and competitions with winnings in the form of Talents or similar is strictly prohibited.
  4. The owner of Beegoz holds the right to its entire content and has the full right to use it for promotional and marketing purposes.
  5. By registering on Beegoz each User agrees to receive information concerning the Service by email.
  6. All rights and obligations of Beegoz can be freely transferred through a merger, acquisition, sale, legal act or otherwise.
  7. Any disputes in connection with the use of Beegoz shall be settled under the law applicable to the state of Wyoming (USA) in the Court of Arbitration at the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice (Poland). The only applicable law is the law of the state of Wyoming (USA).
  8. All Users hereby agreeably make the choice of foreign law.
  9. All Users hereby agreeably submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration.
  10. The above points do not apply to disputes between Users.


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